Melinda’s Branches

If your family intersects with any branch of my family please let me know by leaving a message.  I would love to find present day cousins! (Lines are numbered as generations and families are listed progressively – patriarch to matriarch.)

Melinda Hinson (Holloway)     1

Marion Ray Hinson       —        Anna Claire Guice   2

Rufus R. Hinson — Veronica Strong          C. L. Guice, Jr. — Marcia Broome   3


Hinson Branch  

Rufus Roache Hinson  3

Hiram Pierce Hinson           —          Ella Bossena Stafford  4

F. M. Hinson — Louisiana Howze    Dr. Fieldon Stafford — Angeline Gartman    5

Strong Branch

Veronica Strong  3

William Dewey Strong           —           Cora Agnes Luc (de Guerre)    4

Charles M. Strong  —  Louise C. Frere        John Oscar Luc  —  Agnes Rhodes    5

Guice Branch

Cicero Louis Guice, Jr.    3

 Dr. C.L. Guice, Sr.                —                 Clara Bryan    4

Elbert H. Guice  —  Angeline Jones            William Bryan — Lucy Ann Duke    5

Broome Branch

Marcia Broome   3

Luther Dudley Broome           —          Anna Daisy Jacob  4

John T. Broome  —  Aletris E. Morgan      Rene D. Jacob — Julia R. Ringwood  5



Francis Marion Hinson  5

Isham Bracken Hinson — Nancy Brock   6



Lavina Louisiana Howze  5

William Howze  —  Jane Morgan  6



Dr. Feildon Stafford  5

John Wright Stafford  —  Elizabeth Charlotte Adams  6

                                                                Joseph Adams —   ?       7



Angeline Gartman  5

        John Milledge Gartman   —         ?        6



Charles Matthew Strong   5

Jasper Strong   —   Eliza Julia Nixon   6

William Strong — Abigail Hutchinson    Gen. Geo. H. Nixon — Rebecca Bracey  7



Marie Louise Christine Frere  5

Frederic Adrien Frere — Aspasie Fuselier de la Claire  6

Alexandre Frere — Marie L. Pecot     Agricole Fuselier — Anne Felicite Armant  7


Luc de Guerre

John Oscar Luc  5

Jean Gentil Luc de Guerre — Odile Ladner  6

Michel Luc de Guerre – Arsenette Nicaise    Louis  Ladner – Caroline Fayard  7



Agnes Rhodes   5

Charles Rhodes —  ?   6



Elbert H. Guice  5

Jacob Guice   —   Susannah Grantham (Sheffield)   6

Jonathan Guice   —   Anne Stump     John Grantham  — Mary Ann ?   7



John Thomas Broome  5

William Broom         —        Jane Cuney Hudson  6

?   —   Rachel Broom   7



Aletris Ellen Morgan  5

Thomas Sanders Morgan —  Mary (Mariah) Louisa Currie  6


14 thoughts on “Melinda’s Branches

  1. No direct kinship but very distant connection through William Bryan’s granddaughter, Beatrice (Bea). I included the family in my tree in an attempt to capture the history of the old families from my hometown. I am providing a link to my tree as there are a few documents/photos you might like to copy and save (if you do not already have them).


    • Wonderful! When I was a young girl I attended the funeral of Bea’s husband Earl in the Bryan/Bennett/Denham house in Sicily Island. I hope you gain contextual information and enjoyment from my “1941” series of posts of her journal about their life in Sicily Island!

  2. Hi Melinda – I stumbled on your page while researching my family heritage and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories.Our family intersects with Benajah Strong and Polly Bacon (my 5th GGrandparents through their daughter Lydia). I am completely fascinated by the Pilgrim connection. — Beth

    • So nice to hear from you Cousin Beth! I am in the process of “proving” my Pilgirm line for the Mayflower Society. I have much information and documentation already. It’s an interesting process!

  3. Hi Melinda, I just found out about your blog from a friend. I know your father well, Bro. Ray is a very good friend. Our family intersects with Dr. Fielding Wycliff Stafford and his wife Angelina Gartman. I descend from their daughter Minnie Roxanne Stafford. I also descend from Joseph Ranson Stafford who was Dr. Stafford’s elder brother.

  4. Hello Melinda! My name is Diana Louise Tomasich Long and Oscar Luc and Agnes Rhodes Luc were my great grandparents. Lillian Veronica Luc Tomasich Partridge was my paternal grandmother. It was very exciting to discover your blog and read about my family! Would love to have more info and share with you as well. I am fairly new to this but am enjoying it immensely.

  5. John Howland is my 10-great grandfather, too! I have recently discovered this information and am over the moon! I am descended from John and Elizabeth’s daughter Desire Howland and her husband Capt. John Gorham (who died as the result of a powder horn wound during King Phillip’s War). Thank you so much for posting Pilgrim Swept Overboard!

    • Bronwen,

      Thank you for posting. How exciting! I also descend from Desire and John Gorham. The rest of my line extends from their son James Gorham, his daughter Experience Gorham Lothrop, her daughter Lydia Lothrop Bacon, her daughter Mary “Polly” Bacon Strong, her son Hon. William Strong, his son Jasper Strong, his son Charles Strong, his son William Dewey Strong, his daughter Veronica Strong HInson,and her son (my father) Marion Ray Hinson. It’s always nice to be introduced to another cousin no matter how distant! :).

  6. Hi Melinda, I see we are cousins through our mutual GGGrandparents Aspasie Fuselier and Adrien Frere. I descend through their daughter Aspasie Frere who married Paul Pecot. I don’t know what degree of cousinship that is, but very glad to make your acquaintance and I thank you so much for the beautiful stories you have woven around our ancestors lives. Have you gotten to talk to Mary Anne Pecot de Boisblanc yet? She is my 2nd cousin and a delightful person and artist of the Acadian pictures in your story. Hope to read more of your stories soon.

  7. Hi Melinda, My name is Danielle Eve Nelson Pace. And we are 2nd cousins! I love reading these stories. My maternal grandmother was Evelyn Zita Strong Chadwick (Veronica’s youngest sister). I met the other sisters when they came to North Carolina to visit in 1989. I know my mother (Bonnie) has a picture of the sisters taken during that visit. I will look for it and send it to you. I also have some information on Agnes Rhodes’ mother. Thank you for doing this site, it’s wonderful!

  8. My name is Jymie Carol Ford Hawley. I am a Broome descendant through Matthew Broome of SC & MS. (1795-1874) I am descended through his daughter Mattie & George Bryant Ford.

  9. Hi! I descend from Francois Pecot and Rosalie Prejean through their son, Charles Pecot and their daughter, Angelique Desiree Armelin!
    Charles Pecot and Claire Sigur= Pierre Alfrede Pecot
    Pierre Pecot and Helene Perret= Alexandre Pecot
    Alexandre Pecot and Amelie Armelin= Marie Elodie Pecot
    Marie Elodie Pecot and James Cornett= Phyllis Cornett
    Phyllis Cornett and Boyd McDonald= Carol McDonald
    Carol McDonald and James Gooding= Me.

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