Stories, Real Stories

I’m not sure if it’s the history that draws me — or the desire to know why I am, who I am and how I came to be Me — or if it’s the excitement of the search itself.  But I do know the thrill when I experience all these things coming together in a story — and not just any story, but one that really happened to someone in my family of ancestors.

In the posts to come, I will share stories of tragedy, comedy, romance, and adventure; about aristocrats, farmers, patriots, pioneers, heroines, preachers, royalty and even a few horse thieves; all from different nationalities and time-periods.

But these are not stories about just anyone.  These are stories about the life and times of people who are my very flesh and blood —  about couples who met in spite of unusual circumstances; and the fact that if those unusual circumstances had not happened, they may have never met and I wouldn’t be here!

These stories reinforce the fact that there is a purpose for me — a godly purpose.  All of these people, and the obvious hand of God, made me who I am.  I was meant to be here in spite of insurmountable odds.  And that’s exciting!   It’s my hope that you will enjoy these stories and be encouraged to do some digging into your own past.  You never know what you will uncover under the next rock!


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