1941 (Nov. 16 – Nov. 30)

bea-bryan-denham-230[…the continuing 1941 diary of Sicily Island, Louisiana native, Bea Bryan Denham. References to WWII are in red.]

November 16, Sunday

Sunny and warm

We decided to go back to bed after Earl left, and I read “Luck of Scotland.”  About ten we got up, dressed, and I had made the beds when Lil and Al came.  I was glad to see them, Sundays are so long.  We fixed sandwiches for dinner and went to Belle’s spent an hour or so then drove about town and out to Barksdale Field too late to go in.  Earl had already got home and washed the dishes when we finally got home. They stayed a little while. I made coffee and sandwiches again for them.  We sat around and talked til after Walter Winchell, now we’re ready to turn in.

November 17, Monday

Warm and sunny

Mrs. Boyett and I washed clothes this morning, then she spent the day with me.  We didn’t get any mail. Daisy asked us to go to town, but I didn’t need anything so we didn’t go. When Earl came he suggested our going to Carter’s, so we did.  We didn’t stay very long though.  Didn’t have anything to read either, so we decided to go to bed early.  Jo Anne says they are going to have Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.

November 18, Tuesday

Sunshine and cloud, much warmer

Mrs. Boyett and I went to town early, came back and made coffee.  I cleaned up everything, and read awhile.  Went to the house for the mail and had to wait nearly an hour and a half, but got a letter from Mamma and one from Mrs. Peck.  I started looking for Christmas things, but haven’t had much luck.  After supper we went to Mrs. Boyett’s a little while.  Seems from the news that Germany is about settled in the Crimea, Japan is blustering, and will probably do more than that before it’s all over.  This world certainly seems to be in a mess.

November 19, Wednesday

Cloudy, intermittent showers.

John came today, brought us turnips, potatoes, radishes, milk, and butter from Mamma and Joe and coffee and letters from Pop.  John went on to Shreveport, and came back about the same time Earl got home.  We had supper, and went over to Charlie’s to talk awhile, borrowed their cot, and John is going to sleep over here tonight.  I’ve tried to figure on Christmas, but I didn’t get very far with it.  I wrote to Motor Supply about our refrigerator which has gone bad; to Sears, completing the roof payments; to Wes, sending Earl’s Masonic dues and to Prudential paying this 4th quarter premium.

November 20, Thursday

Cooler, threatening

John went to Shreveport again, but didn’t get anything definite, though Owens was encouraging.  Earl said he was really tired, had a headache, too.  John ate supper with Charlie and Daisy so Earl lay down and rested for an hour.  Then we all went to see “Nothing But the Truth”, which was quite good.  I sewed a little on Jo Anne’s dress, we went over to Edna’s for awhile, but didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in any special way.  But there are plenty of things I’m truly thankful for — parents, sisters, good in-laws, America, all the many things we take for granted.  And for freedom from debt, for a good job, even if it does mean living in a tent.  And for Jo Ann, bless her dear little old heart.

November 21, Friday

Warmer and still cloudy

Jo Anne and I went to town with Daisy, Edna and Glen went, too.  We got a permanent for Jo Anne, but I don’t like the way it looks.  I bought groceries for the week, sent $3 to Mamma, she bought more wool for Jo Anne’s comforter.  John came in about 3:30, got his orders to go out tonight a t 12 o’clock.  Daisy and Charlie knew of a trailer at Dozline, so Jo Anne and I went with Earl, John, and Charlie to look at it.  That one wasn’t so good, but they told us of one at Sibley, so we went over there and John bought it.  I had a card from Minnie Lea, but that’s all the mail.

November 22, Saturday

Rain all night and all day

Earl went to work in our car today, he was afraid Walter and Charlie wouldn’t work and sure enough they both came in about ten.  Charlie and Daisy went to Baton Rouge and the other to Nacogdoches.  Jo Anne and I read, and about three (o’clock) Eunice Garrison, and Cora, and her husband came, wanting to know how to go about getting him a job.  They stayed til around five, and when Earl came they had told him to take Sunday off, so of course we wanted to go home.  We got to Sicily Island about nine, went to Pop’s awhile, then to Mamma’s. They are all alright.  The dogs and Tuffy both look pretty and fat.  It is nearly eleven so we’re off to bed.

November 23, Sunday

Gloomy and cold.

We cleaned up in the house and went down to the Gillis place to hunt Jo Anne’s cow, didn’t find her.  Came back to the shop and found May Usher and Melvin.  They had three of Dot’s puppies, one for Edward, one for Cecil and they kept a female.  They are beauties.  We went on to Margaret’s. Mrs. Summers had just come spent about an hour.  Margaret expects to go to the hospital any day.  Came home and ate dinner, Kidd and Edward were with us, and after dinner Marcia and the children came.  Cecil, Mr. Dewitt and Sprague came, and Cecil rode part of the way back with us it was the first time Earl had seen Cecil since we came to Minden.

November 24, Monday

Beautiful, but cold

Letter from Florelle. Mrs. Boyett came over before I got this messy place clean and I also washed all the under clothes.  It was a job.  Mrs. B Edna and I went to town and went we got back we found that Daisy and Charlie were back and fixing to move to Baton Rouge. Charlie has a good job with Tucker a shore job but they have hopes of a longer one.  I hate to see then go, but if they can do better I don’t blame them.  They ate supper with us, and we went to the show to see “Wild Geese Calling.”  There was very little of the books charm it was sordid and cheap and the book was pretty good.  It’s awfully cold tonight.

November 25, Tuesday

Cold, but the sun is beautiful

Daisy and Charlie got off at 1:15 today. They drank coffee over here and Charlie shaved with Earl’s electric razor.  I was awfully sorry to see them go.  No mail came.  John came over for a little while and so did Mrs. Boyett.  After supper Walter and Edna came and played dominoes.

The English seem at last to have taken the initiative in Africa but they’re having a pretty tough time.  Germany seems to have renewed her attempt to take Moscow before settling down for the winter. I’m writing Minnie Lea, but I’m still worrying over what to get for Christmas for the family.

November 26, Wednesday

Warmer, but still cold.

I decided to make a coffee table doily for that crochet I’ve got, so I sewed them and made the picot part.  Mrs. Boyett wanted me to come over there, and I stayed nearly all day.  We took Walter to town after Earl came, came back and read “Bright Danger.”  Earl peeled and broke sugar cane and pecans, so we ate until it’s time to go to bed.  We had a letter from Motor Supply saying they’d exchange the unit in our refrigerator for $5.00.  Its lonesome since Daisy left, it’s awfully lonely up here, anyway, but I guess we’ve no kick if we can save anything.  Buggs Doniphan has a 2 1/2 # daughter I hear.

November 27, Thursday

No mail, we went to the bank when Earl came home, and Walter came over so we played dominoes until its bedtime.  I’ve done almost nothing today, worked on that piece of crochet.  I washed all the clothes this morning, and as a result have a backache.

November 28, Friday

Warm and sunny.

We went to town early and I bought all the groceries for next week.  Looked for the Christmas things, but didn’t find anything.  It was pretty late when we got back, so I ironed all the clothes I had washed yesterday.  Read to Earl and Jo Anne tonight, put olive oil in her hair, so I could wash it early in the morning.

November 29, Saturday

Warm and sunny.

I asked John if Jo Anne and I could go home with him in the morning so I could make bills.  Then I decided to go to town and get some things for Mamma, so did, and it was pretty late when we got back.  I got letters from Mamma and Velma, and when Earl came he had been laid off til Monday, so we decided to go home.  We got home about nine, went to Mamma’s awhile, and on to Kidd’s spend the night, and Earl and Edward are going hunting.  It’s nearly twelve, and time to go to bed.  Wrote to Velma.

November 30, Sunday

Warm, beautiful

Jo Anne and I got up early and went back home, got the books, and Mamma and Daddy.  Earl and Edward went hunting, got back about noon.  I finished the bills about one, we had a nice enjoyable day, left and came back to Sicily Island where we visited Pap and Julia awhile, and spent about an hour at home.  It’s very little pleasure to go over there, I feel awful.  I’m going home and clean it up Christmas week, yard and all.  We got back to Minden about 7:30, and we’re all worn out.


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