1941 (Oct. 1 – Oct. 15)

bea-bryan-denham-230[…the continuing 1941 diary of Sicily Island, Louisiana native, Bea Bryan Denham. References to WWII are in red.]

October 1, Wednesday


This has been a long hot day, but I’ve been right busy.  I did the usual housekeeping chores, cut Jo Anne’s dress, and started sewing it by hand.  It will be quite a job, but I guess I can make it.  Went to town with the Mrs. Whittons, and helped Glyn and Jo Anne get their home work.  Roy and Floris came just as we finished supper, but didn’t stay so long.  We started “Botany Bay”, and read the rest of “District Attorney” – No mail.  Everybody’s forgotten us.

October 2, Thursday

Hot, but cloudy partly

I was sick this morning, stomach upset and feeling pretty badly, but a little girl brought me a letter from Mamma saying Minnie Lea’s baby has come, a boy, on Sept. 26, and that made me feel well again.  A letter from Velma, too – I’m so glad about the baby.  I wrote Lil, Florelle, Pop, Mrs. Peck and Commercial Securities.

October 3, Friday


Well, one day is so like another that there is practically nothing to say.  Get up in the morning, make coffee, fix lunch while the water boils.  Fix breakfast while Earl dresses.  Get Jo anne off to the bath house, and clean up the beds, make room to eat.  Wash, iron, fix supper and wait for Earl and Jo Anne.  Roy was here tonight, said he was going to send Commercial Securities a check for the balance he owed them.  We went to town, deposited $40.00 and went to see and Andy Hardy picture.  Took Mr. Luther with us, somebody ran over a soldier, Roy’s car was parked there, but we didn’t stop.  An ambulance went out after him.

October 4, Saturday

Hot, shower in afternoon

We went to town with Whittons this afternoon, fooled around about three hours.  When we got back we had a letter from Mamma, and one from Margaret.  The doctor told her she wasn’t going to have twins.  Cecil is still working at Camp Polk.  I had hoped Kidd and Edward would come and bring Mamma and Joe, but I guess they aren’t.  Earl had a fever when he came home tonight, felt awful, didn’t eat a bite of supper and I had cooked chicken, too.  We can’t get a Post for this week, got one for next , but that leaves us wondering about our stories.

October 5, Sunday

Cloudy and cool, slight shower

Jo Anne and I both had an attack of dysentery today, she was worse than I.  Earl went to work, but I know he didn’t feel very well.  They didn’t pay him all of his check, missed last Sunday.  He complained to the proper authorities so I’m hoping he will get it straight.  We didn’t even have a story to read tonight, decided to go to town and get a coke.  Earl met a man he knows and he had another man with him who turned out to be from Jonesville, named Richards.  We took them riding a while, they were lonely and had no car.

October 6,  Monday

Hot, shower in the afternoon

Jo Anne still was upset today, and since she said she wasn’t able to go to school, I didn’t make her go, not being about to tell just how badly she felt, but she could have very easily gone.  We went to town in the afternoon, saw a doctor about those shots for diphtheria again and about typhoid shots.  Also complained to the Health Unit about these toilets out here.  When Earl came we went to town again, and to see “Blossoms in the Dust.”  It was a good show had some of the cutest babies imaginable in it, but we’ve had too sad and experience to be completely sympathetic to it.

October 7, Tuesday


I got Jo Anne off to school today in spite of her objections, washed the dirty clothes and tried to work on our family tree, with very little accomplished.  Went out and talked to the Whittons and while I was out there, saw a trailer that looked much like Mrs. Boyett’s come in.  Finally saw her, and went over and spoke to her.  I am so glad they’re here, it’s awfully lonesome with as few people you know, and more that you know intimately.

October 8, Wednesday


Passed the morning in the usual manner.  Went to town with the Whitton’s, and when we got back had a letter from Kidd.  She said Mamma had sent my comfort by Carter, so as soon as Earl came and we could eat supper we went to Doyline and got it.  It’s the prettiest one I ever did see.  Everybody raves over it.  Now I’ve got to get Mamma to fix the other one for Jo Anne.  I hope I can keep it from getting dirty in this tent, but that’s going to be a problem.

October 9, Thursday

Rainy and threatening

Letter from Florelle

Charlie Whitton was sick today, so he and his wife left, and Edna came over here and spent the morning.  I enjoyed talking to her, she’s had a hard life in a way, in the worst way, the way it hurts her pride.  I hope all that is over for her.  We went to school, and Jo Anne’s teacher said Jo Anne was an excellent pupil ( I knew that!) and she enjoyed teaching her.  A class of Jo Annes would be a teacher’s heavenly dream, only she’d better not be lazy, they’d work her to death.  We played dominoes with Walter Whitton and Mr. Luther til nine.

October 10, Friday

Rain in the night, considerable wind; cooler.

I wrote Mamma and Florelle today, and went to visit Mrs. Boyett a little while.  Crocheted some, and did the regular work. I am planning to go to Shreveport tomorrow.  We went to town when Earl came, his check was $10 short this week, and they paid him the $15 he was short last.  We went to see “Shepherd of the Hills,” it was only fair.  I got a “Time,” too.  I’m afraid it’s only a matter of days until Germany will have Moscow in her hands.  It’s dreadful.

October 11, Saturday


We left as soon as we could get ready, went to Mrs. Boyetts aunt in Shreveport, then finally found Belle’s house, but nobody was at home, so we came on to town and did our shopping, which was quite unsatisfactory.  Our chairs are to be delivered sometime next week, and that’s about the only purchase I made of any consequence.  Our radio has gone hay-wire, I suppose we will have to send it to Dabbs.   We took it to town, but the man was out of reason about it.

October 12, Sunday

I read” Time” today.  Mrs. Boyett came over for a while, and I had a nice long letter from Mamma.  Wrote to her, Minnie Lea and Kidd.  I’ve felt wretched all day long, this last day business is quite as bad as the first.  Jo Anne has been playing with Barbara June back of the camp on some sand hills, seem to have been having a good time.  The Whittons have been gone all day.  We all went to church tonight.

October 13, Monday

Cooler, sunny

I had a lot of clothes to clean this morning, and it took a good part of the day to wash and iron them.  Mrs. Boyett and I went to town, mailed letters and bought groceries.  I had a letter from Kidd, Velma,, and a card from Julia today, which helps a lot when you’re homesick.  When Earl came he wasn’t to go to a Union meeting, — rather he thought it would be good policy to go, so then he and the Whittons went, and the women wet to the show, “Bad Men of Missouri.”

October 14, Tuesday


This morning we found that Belle and Sidney had come last night while we were gone.  Earl seems to be feeling better, but Jo Anne doesn’t.  She is too edgy and nervous.  I had letters from Kidd and Fay today.  Kidd said Miss Lula Garner died Saturday.  Faye said Marcia [my grandmother whose husband died three weeks earlier] was going to make an apartment in part of the house and rent it so she wouldn’t have to be alone.  Poor Marcia.  Without Earl I’d be completely useless.  As it is I’m only useful to him, seems like I can never accomplish anything on my own merits.  I wish I was some good, but I’m not – nothing whatever can I accomplish.

October 15, Wednesday

Rain in the afternoon

Mrs. Boyett sent us some fried apple pies, and they were surely good.  Didn’t get any mail.  I was busy most of the day, but goodness knows what I did besides write letters.  I mailed seven tonight.  Earl, Jo Annd and I went to town and got a Post, and Outdoor Life, and Agatha Christie mystery, and a Mickey Mouse for Jo Anne.  We read “Botany Bay.”


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