1941 (Jan 22 – Jan 31)

[…the continuing 1941 diary of Sicily Island, Louisiana native, Bea Bryan Denham. References to WWII in red.]

January 22, Wednesday

Cloudy all morning, afternoon sunny

Jo Anne is sick with a sore throat today. Joe’s fever was 100 degrees this morning, so Dr. gave more tablets.  Tonight it is 101.  I’m so worried about him but Dr. Gordon says he doing all right, it will take time and lots of nourishment.  I’m going to take a specimen to him in the morning for Jo Anne, her eyes are swelled.  Kidd and Edward were here today.  Tobrak fell to the British today [Tobruk in north Africa had been in the hands of Italian forces], and Churchill made a speech to Parliament [This date is only a little more than halfway through the “Blitz” when the German Luftwaffe bombed the city of London and other cities and towns in England between September 7, 1940 – May 10, 1941. At the beginning of the Blitz during the Battle of Britain, London was bombed for 57 consecutive nights.]  Civil War seems raging in Rumania.  Letter from Velma, and I wrote her, Minnie Lea, Red, Aunt Florence, C.L., Lil and Edward cards to let them hear from Daddy.

January 23, Thursday


Daddy’s fever stayed off longer and didn’t go quite as high today, so we feel he’s getting better.  Kidd had a wreck with a school truck this morning didn’t hurt her at all, but damaged the car pretty much.  Edward came after Earl, and we went down and got it at noon.  We went to Ferriday to see “The Ramparts We Watch,” news reels from 1914 through 1940.  It was most interesting.  We took Wed Ogden with us.  Redfield and Uncle Ernest came back by for a while this evening.

January 24, Friday

Beautiful, sunny and warm, but rained last night

Joe is doing nicely, highest point of fever today 100 degrees, and he didn’t have it very long.  Oh, I’m so thankful, he surely had me scared.  Earl has so much to do.  I wish he had some decent help.  I wrote Minnie Lea, had a letter from her, too, and she was awfully worried about Daddy.  I’ve written her every day, so I guess she is easier now. Had a letter from Velma.  I answered a letter I’ve owed Faye for a good while.

January 25, Saturday

Warm and sunny, Regular spring day

Joe had a pretty bad day today, fever 101 3/5 degrees all afternoon.  I was terribly worried til I talked to Dr. Gordon, he said quit worrying, it was just going to take time and care.  Minnie Lea sent a telegram, said let her know about Joe at once, she planned to leave Akron tomorrow night.  We wired her he is better, no need for her coming unless she just wanted to, but I’ve been wondering if it wouldn’t have been kinder to let her come on home. Curtis’ drug store robbed last night.  Cecil and Margaret were here for supper tonight, left about ten.

January 26, Sunday

Joe was better today than he’s been since he was first sick.  Kidd and Edward spent the day, Earl and Edward went hunting.  We bathed Tuffy.  They got 10 quail.  Lil and Aunt Florence came for awhile.  We had a hard rain in the night, everything was soaked.  Somebody robbed Dewitt’s store last night, they arrested Gertrude Week’s boys.

January 27, Monday

I’m so happy tonight I can hardly write.  We had a phone call from Western Union.  Minnie Lea [traveling from Akron, OH] was in Chicago wired us to meet here at 6 p.m. tomorrow night in Delhi.  I went and told Mamma.  Daddy had no fever today, had night sweats last night, and I had to go to Wisner and Ferriday before I finally got the medicine Dr. Gordon wanted.  Edward and Kidd were here this afternoon.  Earl is terribly busy, and Jo Anne has an awful cough, as well as Mamma.  I wrote Velma, and mailed a letter to Minnie Lea before her wire came.

January 28, Tuesday


Joe has had no fever.  I got Edward to go with me to Delhi for Minnie Lea.  Oh, my, I was glad to see her!  And Mary Ellen’s first words were “Where is Earl?”  Her suitcase didn’t come, guess we will get it tomorrow.  Kidd was at the house when we got home, and Earl had just come, too.  Oh, it’s grand to all be together again, and have Daddy getting well!

January 29, Wednesday

Cool, but sunny

Mary came home with me when I left Mamma’s this morning, and played with Tuffy.  Joe has had a pain in his side and is worried about it.  Margaret was here this evening while Minnie Lea was, and we all went back to Mamma’s.

January 30, Thursday

Warm, pleasant and sunny

Joe is still suffering a good bit with his side, but Dr. Gordon says it is a neuralogic pain and not serious.  Jo Anne coughed all night.  Minnie Lea and Kidd at dinner here, Minnie Lea’s suit case came.  Kidd and Edward are moving into Boatner’s house, renting theirs.  Old man Ed Dayton died last night.  Minnie Lea and I took the kids to Natchez this afternoon, got shoes for her, Earl and me.  We stopped by to see Lucille Levy, found her in the hospital.  Joe feels better tonight.

January 31, Friday

Warm and sunny

I’m so glad we’re having nice weather while Minnie Lea is here.  I wish it would last until Joe can get up and get some sun. Mr. York came to see him today.  I had to go to Wisner for Earl this morning.  Mrs. Peck came to see Minnie Lea. There was no school today, Minnie Lea and AI and the kids, went to Kidd’s. It’s a nice house but I’d hate to move out of mine into someone else’s – Helen, Hazel, and Bec Glasgow came to see Minnie Lea tonight.  I made out and mailed all the bills, – $1400.00 worth.  And we can’t even collect $100 of it. We went to see a “Lum and Abner” picture last night, but only they made it worth seeing. [Lum and Abner were an early radio comedy duo. To hear them being inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, listen to this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__IB7CNz438&feature=endscreen&NR=1 .]


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